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Tide Rip Tours Telegraph Cove

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Tickle your sense of fun and adventure as we explore the breathtaking scenery and exciting wildlife in the waters of Knight Inlet. Whisk yourself away from the stress and pace of everyday life. Expect the unexpected and find magical moments in the beauty of nature. Tide Rip Tours has been showing grizzly bears since 1998, and has a top rating on TripAdvisor. We travel by covered aluminum boat which has a washroom and seats for 12 passengers. Along the way we often see black bears on the low tide beaches, bald eagles, harbour porpoises and seals, Dall’s porpoises, sometimes dolphins and river otters. Seabirds we encounter include marbled murrelets, murres, pigeon guillemots and rhinoceros auklets, Bonaparte gulls, Arctic terns, Western Sandpipers, Turnstones. Marine animals and birds need undisturbed access to their food source, social gathering and nesting sites. We view from appropriate distances, close enough for pictures but not too close. Why do we want to show you our magnificent wildlife? Viewing wildlife aids in their conservation. People come to see, then get excited about supporting wildlife conservation here* or in their local area. The last 30 years have seen a radical shift in peoples’ attitude about the orca whales through whale watching tours, interaction in aquariums, movies and school programs. We can to do the same for the grizzly bears and black bears. Tiderip Grizzly Bear Tours is run by Howard Pattinson of Comox, a knowledgeable guide with over 50 years experience in these waters. Whether it be exploring a remote sandy beach or watching grizzlies, Howard’s local knowledge brings you nose-to-nose with nature. His experience with everything marine brings you safely home with a renewed sense of wonder. ” You’re in good hands.”
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